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Beat The Black Pteri in the Battledome
This challenger is random

Trap Door (Refresh a lot)
Then defeat them at the battledome
You will get one of the two

Beat the space faerie in the battledome
You need to use a rare item code at the warehouse to get her as a challenger

Get Kasuki Lu as a challenger in the battle dome and defeat him
To get him as a challenger have the Kasuki Lu card in your inventory and look at it
His link is javascript:MakeOnePlayerChallenge(62)

Beat the Snot Mueka in the battledome
To gain him your pet needs to have the sneezles or the neoflu (Try eating posionous/rotten food)
Here is his javalink javascript:MakeOnePlayerChallenge(60)

Beat him in the battledome
To find him go to Neighbourhood
His link is javascript:MakeOnePlayerChallenge(66)

If there is a javalink with the avatar entry you first have to:


Go to 1 Player Battledome Challenge.
Select a pet to fight.
Then in address bar type this: javascript:MakeOnePlayerChallenge(number)
Fight and win

This is useful to access the pet if a war is going on and the only people you can chose from the list is the war related people. Otherwise theyll be on your list if they are availabe to you and you can do it the old fashion normal way</center>
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