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A random event when you make The Grumpy Old King Laugh
They say the joke is this

Q:"What do you do if fierce peophins has eaten too much tin of olives?"
A:"You offering a tin of what what what?"

And to use it over and over until you get the avatar

Score 1000  in Gadgadsgame

Score 225 in Ultimate Bullseye

Get a score of 1,300 or higher in the game Chia Bomber

Score 3000 in Magax: Destroyer

Win with a score of 24 in the game of Bilge Dice
This can take a few wins of 24 to get it
It took me about 30 wins
Refreshing does NOT help

Win 10 games in a row of the game Bilge Dice

Get a score of 2,000 or higher in the game of Sutek's Tomb

You may receive this avatar if you win at Count Von Roo's Deadly Dice Game
It can be played only between 12am NST - 12:59am NST
You get it by having a draw then winning the reroll.
You might lose the avatar, by having another draw, then losing that reroll

Get on the high score of Extreme Potato Counter

Be in the top 50 in Korbat's Lab

Get a high score in the game Plushie Tycoon

Win 10,000 Neopoints on the Wheel of Excitement

Be in the Top 50 in the Avatar High Score list

Beat Capara in the game Cheat
She is on the first level
If you are already passed it you cannot start over
You will have to play through the game you are on

Win the Better Than You competition

Get on the High Score Table of Grundo Snow Throw

Get a score of the top 200 in Math's Nightmare

Complete level 20 or higher in Illusen's Glade

Complete level 20 or higher in Jhudora's Cloud

Win a trophy from the Escape from Meridell Castle game

You have to win the Lenny Conundrum

To get the NeoquestII avatar
Lose to a plains lupe
I found mine right outside of town.
And I just started too the game too

Beat Devilpuss in Chapeter 5 of Neoquest2

Score 900  in Gormet Club Bowls
If you type in shepherd right after the game loads you will get double points
You know if it works if the game automatically loads

You have to play Cell Block
So far there are a rew rumors about this avatar
That you have to keep losing
Get past level 10
Or it is random

Pick 6 things from the Pick Your Own
None of it can be dung though
Remember you can discard dung by clicking on it in the basket

Score 1000 in Raiders of Maraqua

Win the 400th, 500th, and 600th Caption Contest

Beat a byonic cybunny in Neoquest II

You get this by playing The Wheel of Montony
If you land on the ? you MIGHT get it

Get 15 guesses in a row at Tyranu Evavu

Its given out randomly while playing Invasion Of Meridell

Download CoCo Roll to your cell phone
When you earn a code from the game sumbit it at</center></div>
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