noctrna1nitmare (noctrna1nitmare) wrote in nightly_neopets,


Have a gruslen attached to your pet for 100+ days

Have a mazzew equipped to your pet for 200-250 days

Equip a Meowclops to your pet

Equip an Angelpuss to your active pet
Then visit that pets reference page
It may take several refreshes to get this avatar

Equip any colored Slorg Petpet to your neopet
When the slorg is at least 100 days old, visit that Neopets lookup to get the event.

You must have a snowbunny petpet equipped to your Neopet for at least 365 days.

Have a Drackonack in your inventory
And items that have the word cheese in them
Refresh your inventory until you get it
People say to try regualr cheese and vegan cheese
If all else fails empty your inventory besides these items
The cheese is ONE time use so avoid using expensive cheeses
This will work if the item is in the Trading Post for safety from the Pant Devil

Equip the petpetpet Mootix to one of your petpets and go to the Quick Reference Page
Make sure to play with the PetPet
And NEVER unequip the Mootix or it will run away</center></div
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